Is NASCAR a sport?

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Former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb, on Fox Sports 1’s “Fox Sports Live” show, matter-of-factly said that he doesn’t consider racecar drivers athletes. Do you agree?

Read the story – and what Jimmie Johnson had to say about it – HERE.

Here is what some of YOU said:

If golf is a sport (and it IS) then endurance racing is too. Anything that is physically and mentally taxing should be considered “sport.” My cousin married an Indy car driver and we arm wrestled once. Almost broke my arm. Point is these drivers are in incredible shape. I’d like to see you tell them they’re not athletes to their face.. – Ian

I don’t consider nascar drivers to be athletes. What they do does require skill and endurance but they don’t participate in an athletic sport – Danielle

He is just ignorant and jealous He aint as good as a Nascar driver HE MUST MISERABLE IN HIS CAREER TO DOWN GRADE SOMEBODY ELSE – Sheila

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