Quarterly Issues Report – 4th Quarter 2015

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January 7, 2016

SUBMITTED BY: Brent Turner



  • Monday through Friday, :30-second reports
  • Updates 3 times an hour between 6:00am and 9:00am.



  • Traffic two times an hour at 6:00am until 9:00am and two times an hour at 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.



  • Sunday mornings at 6:00am. A 30-minute public affairs program, addressing issues of interest ranging from political to health.


Through its regular ascertainment process, Summit Media Corporation has determined that the following issues are important to the Louisville, Kentucky community.


  • Economy/Financial Concerns
  • Women and Minorities
  • State/Local Government
  • Health/Safety
  • Family/Education



Viewpoints          10/4/15                                                     6:00am                                                                                          15min

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? A hot idea? Venture capital money? A lot of internet buzz? Those things help, but our two guests who are both successful entrepreneurs and businessmen, say there is a lot more to it, especially if you do business solely or mostly on the internet. They’ll give us advice on picking the best partner, why financing your venture is a family affair, and how to present yourself in the best way to internet customers.



Viewpoints          11/15/15                                                 6:00am                                                                                          15min

Although their numbers are dwindling every year, there are still many people alive today who remember and lived through the Holocaust during World War II. One of these men spoke to us about his experience as a young boy in a Czechoslovakian work camp, and how his mother – through hard work, quick thinking and just pure luck – managed to keep herself and her two children from the death camps in Poland. He also discusses the need for young people to learn about the Holocaust and the reasons why it happened.

Viewpoint            11/29/15                                                  6:00am                                                                                          15min

How do young people deal with race in their lives? We aren’t born racist, so how do some of them become that way? We talk to two young readers authors about their new book that addresses the issue. We discuss how young people relate to those of different races, how friendship and loyalty can figure into how we think of race, and why we need to question our expectations of behaviors based on race.

Viewpoints          12/13/15                                                  6:00am                                                                                          15min

There are many good schools that try to ensure that every student gets the best education possible and an equal opportunity to succeed in their studies and extracurricular activities. Our guest says that despite efforts on the part of school administrators and teachers, there is still a racial achievement gap in even the most diverse and progressive schools. We discuss why the gap exists, how it affects the lives of students during and after their school years are over, and what educators and the community can do to help students of all races and ethnicities achieve.



Viewpoint            11/22/15                                                  6:00am                                                                                          15min

Most of us have heard the name of Henry Clay, but he’s not one of the people we usually remember like we do George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. Our guest says that Clay was just as important to our nation as the founding fathers, and he discusses the great contributions this Speaker of the House made to keep our nation together, fight for justice, and create the foundations of our extensive modern U.S. transportation system.

Viewpoints          12/20/15                                                  6:00am                                                                                          15min

When Congress debates a constitutional point, or when the Supreme Court is considering a case brought before it, we often hear the question, “what did the framers intend?” How does anyone really know what people, who debated issues more than 200 years ago, really intended? We talk to two constitutional specialists about the issue, and hear how some Supreme Court justices approached an issue that is once again in the news.



Viewpoint            10/18/15                                                 6:00am                                                                                          15min

We’re all familiar with the various ages such as the Jurassic and the Paleozoic, but have you ever heard of the Anthropocene? We meet a woman who has traveled around the world looking at how climate change caused by humans has transformed areas of our planet and how people are looking for creative ways to deal with the changes in lifestyle, agriculture and migration caused by these changes.

Viewpoints          10/25/15                                                  6:00am                                                                                          15min

Two of the scariest symbols of Halloween are spiders and bats. They have bad reputations for not just being creepy, but dangerous. We get the straight scoop in these creepy critters from two experts in the fields of entomology and bats, and hear how both of these creatures are not as scary as we think, but very beneficial members of the insect and animals worlds.

Viewpoints          11/1/15                                                     6:00am                                                                                          15min

Speaking in public can be a very anxiety-producing experience, but why? And how can we remove some of that anxiety and do a better job in front of an audience? Our guests discuss the fear of public speaking and offer advice on how to create, prepare for and deliver a speech with confidence.

Viewpoints          12/27/15                                                  6:00am                                                                                          15min

Not everyone likes to go out and celebrate the New Year with the hoards in the bars and streets. Our guests have ideas on how you can have just as much fun toasting in 2016 at home. We’ll hear how you can pair your favorite movies with some creative cocktails; learn about and try some new craft beers and food to go along with them, and how to create a cheese platter that will go with the bubbly.



Viewpoints          10/11/15                                                  6:00am                                                                                          15min

Every parent wants their child to excel in school, and a big part of succeeding is learning to read well. Some parents try to teach their children to read when they’re toddlers, but is that too early? When should children be taught to read and how? Our two guests, one a professor specializing in early childhood, the other an author of children’s books, share their opinions on the subject.

Viewpoints          11/8/15                                                     6:00am                                                                                          15min

What would it be like to have a computer examine you and diagnose your illness? How about a robot making a reservation at an exciting new restaurant that is just perfect – without any direct input from you? Sound like science fiction? Well, our guest says that it already is…or soon will be…science fact. We talk to a computer scientist and author about the rise of computers that can learn on their own and then teach other computers to do the same.

Viewpoints          12/6/15                                                     6:00am                                                                                          15min

This holiday season, there probably won’t be a celebration in the country that doesn’t contain cheese in some form or another. It’s one of America’s favorite snack foods, and cheddar is our favorite variety of the dairy product. But what is cheese? How is it made and how did cheddar get to be America’s iconic cheese? And how do “processed cheese food products” fit into the mix? Our guest is a cheese expert and will answer these questions and more!


FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS                     10/01/15-12/31/15

During this time, 140 Public Service announcement aired to support the local community even more with its new “Friends & Neighbors” program, a $300,000 in-kind initiative to support and publicize community organizations and agencies committed to the betterment of LOUISVILLE and SOUTHERN INDIANA. FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS pledges in-kind support in monthly increments to nominated organizations in the form of radio commercials, online presence, and employee volunteering.



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