Quarterly Issues Report - 1st Quarter 2014


April 3, 2014
SUBMITTED BY: Brent Turner


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Through its regular ascertainment process, Summit Media Corporation has determined that the following issues are important to the Louisville, Kentucky community.
·Economy/Financial Concerns
·Women and Minorities
·State/Local Government
Viewpoint           1/26/14                                                6:00am                                                                 15min
Millions of Americans are surprised when they get a bill for their 911 ambulance call. Experts explain the economics of emergency medical services, why communities typically bill for calls, and what insurance will and won't pay.
Viewpoint           3/16/14                                                6:00am                                                                 15min
Many Americans have been out of work for more than six months, and are considered “long-term unemployed.” It’s tough for everyone looking for a job, but especially hard for formerly well-paid white-collar workers. We talk to a researcher and author about the toll it takes on workers and their families, get some advice on how to lessen the frustration and depression that comes with being unemployed, and hear some strategies for getting unemployed workers back on the job.
Friends and Neighbors  1/26/14                                6:30am                                                                30min
USA Cares- We exists to help bear the burdens of service by providing post-9/11 military families with financial and advocacy support in their time of need.
Viewpoints         1/19/14                                                6:00am                                                                 15min
Medicine is changing from technically centered practice to patient-centered, which requires doctors to listen to the patient and relate to them on a personal level. Experts discuss training all new doctors in this style, and whether it suits women better than men as a result of cultural upbringing.
Viewpoint           2/16/14                                                6:00am                                                                 15min
Job discrimination or lack of accommodation due to pregnancy has been illegal for 35 years, but courts have interpreted the law very narrowly, allowing discrimination against pregnant women to occur. Experts discuss how and why discrimination occurs, how women can help prevent it, and how a Congressional bill would tighten up enforcement.
Viewpoint           2/2/14                                                   6:00am                                                                 15min
The Affordable Care Act's enrollment website had a disastrous rollout, and "young immortals" aren't yet signing up for insurance in numbers that would assure the program's survival. Experts discuss deadlines and incentives that they think will encourage signups, and the difficulties likely to be encountered by people who've never been insured before. Experts also discuss studies showing that newly insured people may use healthcare much differently than had been expected.
Viewpoint           1/5/14                                                  6:00am                                                                 15min
Children facing long term illness and medical care receive education wherever they are. Technology is helping those students maintain more normalcy and contact with their schools than has previously been possible. Experts discuss.
Viewpoints         1/12/14                                                6:00am                                                                 15min
About one-fifth of teens at some point injure themselves in order to cope with emotional stress. Experts discuss the difference between self-injury and suicidal behavior, and offer tips on how parents should deal with a child who is trying to deal with stress through cutting.
Viewpoints         2/9/14                                                   6:00am                                                                 15min
Traumatic brain injury can dramatically change spousal relationships, as the injured may lose the ability to read the emotions of themselves and others, or may suffer a personality change. These relationship issues are often ignored in the rehabilitation process. However, the divorce rate of these couples is much less than previously believed. Experts discuss developing methods to help people with TBIs relearn important social skills.
Viewpoints         2/23/14                                                6:00am                                                                 15min
A majority of Alzheimer’s disease patients will experience wandering behavior. Yet many families and caregivers have no plan to prevent wandering or find their loved one when they get lost. Experts discuss wandering and how to deal with it.
Viewpoints         3/2/14                                                   6:00am                                                                 15min
Wild extremes in weather have become the norm in the nation's breadbasket. Experts discuss climatological reasons, predictions of how weather and climate will change over time, and how farmers are changing practices to keep producing.
Viewpoints         3/9/14                                                   6:00am                                                                 15min
Millions of people who think they have allergies, asthma, and sinus problems may actually have "silent reflux" which can travel up the esophagus all the way to the throat and head. An expert discusses telltale symptoms and the dietary triggers that can cause the disorder.
Viewpoints         3/23/14                                                6:00am                                                                 15min
Last summer, the American Medical Association labeled obesity as a disease in hopes of getting physicians and society to take it more seriously as a medical problem and not as a lack of willpower. However, some researchers are finding psychological side effects of "having a disease." Experts discuss the effects of the declaration on the public and medical community.
Viewpoints         3/30/14                                                6:00am                                                                 15min
If obesity is defined a disease, why do a majority of employer-sponsored health plans refuse to cover weight loss surgery? Experts discuss reasons for this exclusion and new research showing the high costs of obesity's consequences, raising the possibility that paying for weight loss surgery could ultimately save insurers money.
Friends and Neighbors  2/2/14                                    6:30am                                                                30min
A Place To Sleep- A Place to Sleep is a project started in 2009 by a now 13 year old girl that provides beds and bedding for children in Shelby County, Kentucky.  Jessica Collins has been doing this for 3 years and has provided 119 children with a bed and/or bedding and currently has 12 on the waiting list.  To promote awareness and raise money, Jessica is making Christmas ornaments that look like pillows that will be distributed in the community.  She will also be celebrating 3 years of successfully helping children in Shelby County with a party at First Presbyterian Church where City, County and school officials will be invited, along with businesses and of course, the children.
Friends and Neighbors  1/5-1/12                            6:30am                                                               30min
Free2Hope- The Awareness Program was created specifically for businesses who agree to partner with us in reaching our community with information on human trafficking. It is our desire for all citizens to be made aware of human trafficking that takes place right here in our own community and also to provide them with the National Human Traffic Hotline phone number. Cooperating businesses will be added to our database of those united to put an end to human trafficking.
Friends and Neighbors  2/9/14                                  6:30am                                                                  30min
Ovarian Awareness Of Kentucky- The mission of O.A. K. is to provide resources for support, networking, and education for women who are diagnosed with gynecological cancers and their caregivers in order to improve outcomes. We also strive to create awareness among women and the greater community regarding early warning signs that may be indicative of ovarian cancer, resulting in earlier detection and saved lives.
Friends and Neighbors  2/23-3/2                               6:30am                                                                30min
Repair Affair- A program that mobilizes resources and volunteers to make repairs on homes owned by low income homeowners who are elderly or disabled.
Friends and Neighbors  3/9/14                                   6:30am                                                                 30min
Louisville Pediatric Therapy Center- The mission of Louisville Pediatric Therapy Center is to provide exceptional therapy services, education and advocacy so that children living with disabilities can live, learn, work and play in our community.
Friends and Neighbors  3/16-3/23                             6:30am                                                                 30min
3 Little Birds 4 Life- Our mission is to enhance the lives of young adults battling cancer. They strive specifically to assist young adults ages 18-40.
Friends and Neighbors  3/30/14                                 6:30am                                                                 30min
Voices- A community chorus that celebrates diversity and is dedicated to fostering positive social change through artistic excellence.
Friends and Neighbors  1/19/14                                 6:30am                                                                 30min
The Cabbage Patch Settlement House- A local, non-profit Christian organization. Our mission is to equip and empower at-risk children, youth, and their families, to be self-sufficient by helping them maximize their economic, educational, emotional, moral, physical, social and spiritual potential. In 2010, “The Patch” celebrated its 100th year of profoundly changing lives
PSA                                                        01/01/14-03/31/14
During this time, 40 recorded Public Service Announcements ran for the Kentucky 811. These are Public Service announcements advising people to call 811 prior to building or digging on their property so to avoid underground lines.
PSA                                                        01/01/14-03/31/14
During this time, 36 recorded Public Service Announcements ran recruitment announcements for the Army National Guard encouraging signing up for the National Guard.
PSA                                                        01/01/14-03/31/14
During this time, 38 recorded Public Service Announcements ran for the Kentucky Gear Up encouraging people to learn how about all the steps it takes to apply for college in Kentucky.
PSA                                                        01/01/14-03/31/14
During this time, 40 recorded Public Service Announcements ran for Council on Post-Secondary Education encouraging listeners to seek college education.
PSA                                                        01/01/14-03/31/14
During this time, 36 recorded Public Service Announcements ran for Kentucky  Career Center providing both job-seekers and businesses with training options that can help keep up with changing needs.
PSA                                                        01/01/14-03/31/14
During this time, 40 recorded Public Service Announcements ran for Kentucky Adult Education providing information on how to complete your GED or look into secondary education options.
PSA                                                        01/01/14-03/31/14
During this time, 37 recorded Public Service Announcements ran for Kentucky Transportation Cabinet encouraging people to stop polluting Kentucky waterways.
PSA                                                        01/01/14-03/31/14
During this time, 27 recorded Public Service Announcements ran for Governor’s Office of Agriculture highlight and promotion agriculture in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS                 01/01/14-03/31/14
During this time, 343 Public Service announcement aired to support the local community even more with its new “Friends & Neighbors” program, a $300,000 in-kind initiative to support and publicize community organizations and agencies committed to the betterment of LOUISVILLE and SOUTHERN INDIANA. FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS pledges in-kind support in monthly increments to nominated organizations in the form of radio commercials, online presence, and employee volunteering.
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