Submit the Pledge of Allegiance!

Q103 is proud to play The Pledge of Allegiance & The National Anthem every weekday morning at 7am! Want to be the one that says The Pledge? You can submit a recording of you or your child reciting The Pledge and we may play it back on Q103! Anyone is welcome to submit, including classes & groups!

Instructions: Record yourself, child, class, etc. reciting The Pledge of Allegiance word for word. Please record in a quiet room with little echo. You can record it with your phone using your voice memo tool. Hold the phone about 6 inches away from you or the person you are recordings face to avoid over-modulation. No need to over project! Speak clearly as you normally would for the best results! Submit the audio file below!

Please include an introduction on the same file (See examples below):
-Your name (doesn’t have to include last name)
-What part of town you’re in
-You can also include your age if you’d like

“Hi I’m John, I’m 5 Years old, & I’m from Clarkville, Indiana.” 
“Hi this is Mrs. Campbell’s 6th Grade Class at Johnson Traditional Middle School.”
“Hi I’m Sara from Valley Station”

If you have any questions, please email Natalie Melcher at