Q103 Cares! Let’s Get Through COVID-19 Together.

As it stands today, we are all living in unprecedented times, as well as going through circumstances in our lives that we’ve never had to face before. First and foremost, we hope that you and your family are healthy and safe! We hope that you continue to practice social distancing and abide by the unfortunate realities that face our nation, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and our local communities.

The financial ramifications from the COVID-19 Pandemic are very real for your business and employees, as it is ours. We fully understand the feeling of uncertainty that comes with each day. To that end, we’d like to do our part and give back to our local community to the best of our abilities by encouraging your business to let us know how we can help you! We encourage you to share with us what you’re doing to help out the community; whether it’d be offering carryout, curbside & delivery specials, selling swag to support your employees, donating a portion of your profit to Team Kentucky, offering free meals or discounts to those working on the frontline of this pandemic, etc. We’ve already been doing this on all of our affiliated social media platforms, and now we want to expand that even more! All at no cost to you! We appreciate you. We need to get through this together, and together we will.

Please contact our Director of Sales, Eric Fow, with any questions that you have at 502-645-3727 or by email at eric.fow@summitmediacorp.com.